Top 3 Instagram trends. How to create a successful business profile.

Social media are always evolving – especially latest trends for an eye-catching profile. Keep track with those changes and think about implementing some of the following Instagram trends into your marketing strategy. Trust us – you won’t regret!

1. Instagram shopping for bigger revenue

Recently, Instagram has gained great importance in online shopping and e-commerce generally. It got so big that it could literally become separate shopping platform.

Using direct buy links is very useful among fashion industry brands due to the ability to tag certain products in the post, while others simply use “swipe up” function in their stories to increase conversions. Thanks to this, customers can take a very close look on the product from anywhere in the world and add it to their shopping cart if they wish. This trend will be blooming since Instagram is a perfect platform for showing off brands products. 

Instagram stories with jewelery

Another great selling opportunity is saving Stories as highlights. This way whole new collections can be showcased with direct links and saved for customers to see later (making conversions go through the roof!).

2. Instagram stories & face filters as a way of life

Instagram Stories became very popular since they were created. Over 500 million users enjoy them daily (that number is HUGE, right?). The company is very well-aware of this and is making Stories easier to share with more people thanks to the option to share all stories on Instagram and Facebook. This is a perfect opportunity for brands to create content daily and give their customers a little insight on how things work in their shop or factory. Reaching a lot of users is another big advantage of stories.

However, it is no longer enough to create just any content – it must be somehow mesmerizing, interactive at best. Luckily, Instagram has a solution for this problem as well. Adding music, gifs or using AR filters catches consumers attention. Face Filters become total popular on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even on the video calls on the FaceTime. AR SPARK filters provide an higher engagement and personal experience than any regular picture. Read more about AR Filters in our previews blog

And do you know what else work amazing? Interactive stickers! Questions, countdowns, emoji-sliders and polls literally scream for more engagement, which makes users stay on the Story longer.

And don´t forget to update your Instagram Stories daily! While sharing content on your feed is best 2-3 times a week, Stories should always be up to date – show people what is going on.

3. IGTV like no one ever did before

This was the most questioned feature introduced by Instagram. However, after few adjustments to the platform, IGTV just started to make sense and became popular among marketing strategies of big companies. 

It does not only allow you to create landscape video content (which makes your life easier when you already created some videos as a brand), but it also provides an opportunity to include previews of IGTV videos within the feed. Thanks to this, many users discover that accounts they follow create long videos which are worth watching. 

… so how should your business profile look like?

If you already have a strategy that works and brings you followers (or customers), it is perfectly fine to continue using it. However, consider adding some of the listed elements into it and let the magic happen! 

And in case you want to create a special filter for your brand, so the stories are even more interesting, shoot us a message!