Instagram Facebook AR filters

 Communicate through filters on your
     social media such as Instagram or Facebook.
   Increase engagement with your fans
 and boost your marketing!

Instagram Facebook AR filters

Communicate through filters on your social media such as Instagram or Facebook. Increase engagement with your fans and boost your marketing!

Brand Filter for Instagram

about us

Glorious & Filterious

We create engaging Instagram and Facebook Filters for brands and individuals. Branded  Instagram and Facebook filter benefits are following:  

increase engagement   acquire new users
differentiate brand      get higher reach
support campaign        be innovative

Instagram filter
Instagram filter for campaign
Instagram filter for branding
Facebook and Instagram filter

case studies

ONE organization

In this project we used available SPARK AR technology for creating Instagram and Facebook filters. We connected the filters with the client’s campaign and also assisted the client with all the needed steps. As a result we created a set of 5 personalised Instagram filters and subsequently supported the publishing process. 


Make it happen


We are here to help you find out which creative concept would work best for your use-case as well as any other project (both technically & legally)


Once we find the concept you love, we start with the project execution.We send you  regular updates  and, most importantly, continuously implement your feedback, therefore assist you all the time.


When the project is done, we provide you with “How to Publish Manual” and, if needed, publish filers with / for you because we are and always will be here for further support and optimisation.

Instagram filter for marketing campaign

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Instagram filter for marketing campaign
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Instagram & Facebook

Our main focus is on creative Instagram and Facebook filters. Every step of the way is consulted with our client and that is not all – furthermore we provide the clients with after-sales service and also help them along the way!


We use Spark AR for creating our glorious filters, which is a platform that allows us among other things to customise and control the whole process of filter development and also offers a hub for analytics.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality AR

Our interests go beyond filters and effects – we certainly pay close attention to what is happening in the whole world of Augmented Reality. If you have anything specific about AR in mind, you can either shoot us a message or call us!

Let’s create a filter together!