Successful Marketing Campaign using filters? It is possible!

You have to live under a rock not to know about this new emerging trend in the world of marketing. I am talking about Instagram and Facebook filters that dominate the lives of young people all around the world. It looks just like a child’s play but if you look closer, it offers an amazing opportunity for marketing campaigns!


How can I know that the campaign is successful?

After all the filter projects we were a part of, there was always this one question that everyone was interested in – how can we measure the success of a campaign based on filters? It is a very good question and thanks to the Spark AR platform we have a very good answer.

After you publish a filter you can see a detailed statistics on how many impressions of the filter you have, how many people took a picture with the filter and how many people actually shared the picture with the filter. Those are the main metrics that can tell you if the campaign was successful or not. The number of people who saw the filter is the number of people who saw your brand! The more people share the picture, the more people come in contact with your campaign. Very simple, yet very powerful.

But how can I get more views on the filter?

One thing is to know where to find the numbers, the other thing is to actually do what it takes to get more views to really make the campaign successful. We were able to gather some useful tips throughout our Filterious journey.

1# Influencers

The way to get your filter to more people can be definitely through influencers. Like this you can acquire loads of views in relatively short period of time. The only problem might be to find the right kind of cooperation with the right influencer – some of them want a financial reward for their service, some of them are fine with your product. It all comes down to the kind of campaign you have and what you want to accomplish with it.

2# Partners

If you already have some business partners or organizations that you cooperate with, it is definitely a good idea to ask them for sharing your filter! It is a great way to strengthen your bond as well as get more views and potential clients!

3# Segmentation

Important step in any marketing campaign is the right segmentation. There are different groups of users on social media and with filters it is especially important to pick the right one. According to some statistics, it is not only the young people business to be active on Instagram anymore. However, it is clear that younger generations are more prone to trying filters and sharing them with their friends.

If you are starting an Instagram filter campaign, it is good to think about the target audience. It is much better to focus the campaign on younger people if you want to add the filter to the mix!

In the end it is hard to say whether older users will try it as well or not. As many things in the world of marketing, this is sometimes a matter of taking a risk and see how it comes out. If you want to play it safer, go for younger audience!

4# Share links and share them everywhere!

Amazing thing about filters is that you can put a link to them everywhere! It is not limited only to Instagram – you can create a QR code and put it on printed materials if that’s what your heart desires! This opens door to many opportunities outside of the walls of Instagram! You can put the link to your website, to your Facebook, to other marketing materials. There are basically no limitations!

Again, the more channels you will use, the more people will see it and the number of impressions in the Spark platform will go up!


This was just a few tips on how to make your Instagram filter campaign successful and acquire more views. It is important to realize that getting more views doesn’t always equal success – it all depends on the goal of your campaign. However, mostly all deals stand on how many people react and buy your product, which is a bigger number if you are able to get your ad to more people!

We encourage you to consider having a campaign with an Instagram filter and get on the wave now because not many businesses and organizations have their own filter – it is still time to be original and differentiate from the competition!

If you are still not sure about this step, you can contact us and we can tell you more about the whole process and benefits that come from having your own business filter. We can also discuss your ideas and who knows, maybe even make them come true!