Instagram in numbers and how filters fall into it

Even though we might claim that we hate numbers because, you know, math, we can’t deny one simple fact. We need numbers and we want numbers. We want to see numbers going up in our bank accounts, we want to see how many people liked our post and sometimes we even need to count the sheep before going to sleep.

With a huge growth of social media there is a new bunch of numbers that interest us. Keep on reading and learn more about Instagram in numbers.

Numbers, numbers and numbers

50 billion +

1 billion +

500 million +

The numbers listed above are almost unimaginable but what do they mean? 50 billion photos have been uploaded on Instagram to date. 1 billion is the number of monthly active users and 500 million the number of Instagram stories daily active users. What do those numbers tell us exactly?

Well, besides the fact that today’s generations are probably addicted to Instagram, it tells a story about amazing opportunities. 50 billion, that is a lot of content on one platform. People are adding more and more, and the number grows very fast. It means that people are still interested in new content. It also means that it’s getting harder to impress people with your content.

1 billion

1 billion monthly active users. That’s a lot of people you can potentially reach. That’s also a lot of people that can buy your product. A lot of people that can just randomly come across your Instagram page and become a loyal fan/customer.

Instagram in numbers

Monthly active users statistics. Source of the image is here.

500 million

500 million Instagram stories active daily users. When someone tells you that Instagram stories are not important, show them this number. It is very real. People, if randomly getting to your account, will at least open your stories. So, your regular account content may not get their attention first. There is a big lesson in this, and it is trying to keep your stories attractive and interesting enough for people to want to find out more about you.

And how about filters?

You are talking about Instagram and numbers but how about filters, you might ask. Let’s introduce Instagram filters as a possible solution!

Instagram filters can connect all those aforementioned numbers and create a great solution for all activities. Fun and viral filters can reach huge amounts of people. According to this article a German influencer was able to reach over 3 billion impressions on her Instagram filters and over 20 million pictures with the filters were taken and published to stories! Those are seriously insane numbers, but it is possible!

Speaking of which, stories. Stories are a powerful tool in the Instagram world and as mentioned before, people are actively viewing millions of stories per day! Instagram filters can make them much more engaging and can make the audience try them on their stories as well. It means that more people will get in touch with your brand/company/campaign! And the more people, the better!

Posting stories with filters also doesn’t spam anyone. It doesn’t appear on the main page, so people are less likely to hit that unsubscribe button. Yet filters catch people’s attention in stories and challenge people to use them organically.

Instagram filters

This is how filters can positively improve the mentioned numbers. Let’s have a look at some more numbers about Instagram, who doesn’t love numbers?

  • Over 200 million instagrammers find themselves at at least 1 business profile daily
  • The most liked picture on Instagram is a picture of an egg with over 52 million of likes
  • Photos with faces get more likes – sources say it is up to 38% more
  • The most used IG filter is the one with heart eyes
  • Instagram videos get more engagement than Instagram photos
  • About 60 % of people say that they use Instagram to look for new goods they want to buy
  • More than a half of Instagram influencers use stories for promoting sponsored goods and campaigns
  • One third of the most viewed stories are from businesses
If you are interested in some more Instagram numbers, you should definitely visit our source right here.

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