How can Instagram and Facebook filters help non-profit organisations with their goal

When we think about Instagram and Facebook filters, we usually think about the silly effect it has. Isn’t it amazing to become a dog or an astronaut for a while? What we don `t think about is the potential Instagram filters have in the non-profit sector. This article will tell you about everything you need to know about the benefit of using filters in a non-profit organisation.

The beauty of Instagram filters

Let’s focus on Instagram now – Instagram has around 1 billion monthly active users to this day and it’s going up! This is a lot of people we can potentially target, and it is a lot of people that have the potential to help a good cause. The question is – how to reach them?

Well, the best answer to this question would be “GO VIRAL”, meaning create something people will want to try and, most importantly, share with others. It is indeed easier said than done but there is a way that can multiply the chances: Instagram filter!


What is an Instagram filter good for?

First answer to this question that pops up in my head is fun, but it is not the only one! It is an amazing tool for storytelling, too. As much as a simple picture can tell a story, an Instagram filter can tell a story as well. Not only that, it can tell individual stories, thousands of them. Let me give you an example from the non-profit environment. You have a campaign focused on endangered species and you publish a filter that allows users to put themselves in the shoes of the animals. Every user can try the filter, share it and tell their own story, express their own experience. Every user can ask their friends to help and share the filter, too.

In the end it is not about sharing just the filter but sharing the message and user’s personal story. And people love stories. Instagram filters are also a great mean of communicating with the audience and engage them in your activities.

Why should non-profit organizations focus on their activity on Instagram?

Now we know that there is an enormous amount of people active on Instagram that can follow us and see our pictures and videos. This is not all. According to this article, non-profit organisations that are actively using a feature called “Stories” benefit from it greatly. Stories allow their users to connect with people in a more personal way and guide them through the whole campaign without spamming them. It can also be very useful to use Instagram filters in stories. It can make them more interesting and attractive and, most importantly, it can encourage them to use them as well.

The more people engage with the filters, the more people will share them, and the more people will eventually see them AND become aware of the activities of the particular non-profit organisation.

What is a good example of a non-profit organization that successfully uses Instagram filters?

A great example of a non-profit organisation that actively uses Instagram filters to raise awareness and to support their campaigns is a non-profit organisation called ONE. We created a set of five personalised filters for them and even you can try them on their Instagram page. Go ahead and see for yourself how a non-profit organisation can use filters for for the benefit of the matters they support right here!

We are beyond grateful that we could create filters that are now helping and supporting the ONE organisation!

What can we do for you?

If you are a curious member of a non-profit organization and you are wondering how this concept can help you and the cause you are fighting for, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can talk about possible solutions for you and make your wildest ideas come true!

Shoot us a message and catch up with this trend!